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Our Process Efficient. Streamlined. Fast.

Local Knowledge

There’s no need to rely on a lender who uses an 800 number who might live or work a thousand miles away. We live and work right here in Ct and know the local conditions and use local service professionals.  That allows us to make faster and better decisions about your project and with less risk to you and to us. 

One Stop Shop

We literally lend our own money so we don’t have to ask someone else’s  permission or need to sell our loan to someone else. That means our decision making is faster and more secure for you. It also means a shorter and more secure draw process after the close. 


Our timeline is yours. We structure our service to close the loan when you need it to close whether that’s 7 days from first call or 90 days. We will quickly communicate the likelihood of ASL funding a potential deal. We believe in both a quick and reliable yes and a quick no. We also believe in efficiently delivering draw disbursements whether that is for a rehab or a new build. And managing the payoff process efficiently, professionally and without undisclosed expenses or fees. 


We are project lenders. We know that changes happen all the time and we because we lend our loan money we have the capacity to adjust the loan structure as the situation demands it.