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About Us

What We Do

We lend money to investors who want to buy/renovate/hold or sell 1-4 family houses that are located in Ct. 

Why We Do It

We like lending money, and we are good at it.
We feel that there is an additional opportunity to help our greater community. We believe in the American Dream.

Who We Are

Local, Experienced, Smart, Hard Working

How We Are Different

Direct Lenders 
Service Oriented
Community Focused

Paul Ullman Bio Photo

Lending Team

Paul Ullman, who is a founder of Asset Based Lending LLC, a NJ based hard money lender. Paul retired from the firm in 2021, took two years off and is now getting back into the business. Paul operated as the firm’s Chief Risk Officer and Head Underwriter. Paul lives and works in Litchfield County. 

Our Story

American Secured Lending understands that everyone starts somewhere – that’s why we are willing to work with real estate investors who don’t have very much experience. From purchase only to fix and flips, ASL specializes in helping investors of all experience levels. As former investors ourselves, we have a deep understanding of what makes a good deal and whether an investor’s plan makes sense, including their budget, scope of work, time frame, etc. By focusing on the property and proposed renovation or new construction and utilizing flexible underwriting instead of a one-size-fits-all loan approach.